FPV – speed racer

Machine : QAV500, CC3D, MT-4006, graupner 10×5 props, 3300mah 4s lipo, spektrum 2.4ghz rc

Title: FPV – speed racer

Duration: 4:49

Submited by: fpvvids

Category: FPV Videos

Added on: November 11th, 2012

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  1. hillbilly flyer says:

    nice ever split the quad instead of the trees?

  2. MidwestRob says:

    Jeez! Very nice. I like how you kept the original audio so the haters can’t say you sped up the video.

  3. warderseeker says:

    awesome run, subscribed. What a perfect place to do it too, open space and some sparse stuff to go through and around

  4. profylr says:


  5. 450gmo says:

    Epic quad race; juz v trappy. That I want to see!

  6. GEK69NY says:

    What a fun!! Cool!!

  7. fidy8dub says:

    would love to see fpv quad racing in the future.how epic would that be!

  8. labcopilot says:

    Incredible! Fantastic job on the sticks. What camera are you using for FPV?

  9. bearospace says:

    riveting! Airsoft?

  10. Harm Harmsen says:



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